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Meal Plans

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Meal Plan titleNotesShared By
Cutting Day 4 1,558.0 161.1 178.0 32.2Marian Boricean
Embarkation Day (A) 1,705.0 145.0 137.0 68.0Marian Boricean
Cutting Day 5 1,610.4 146.9 177.6 37.0Marian Boricean
Normal day cutting (1255 kcal) 1,255.0 123.0 159.0 21.0Marian Boricean

A good meal plan is essential to any fitness journey. Having something to guide you, you can reach your goal faster. Especially when counting calories, having a pre-determined plan for eating, helps tremeandously in getting where you want to be.

On this site you won't find pre-determined, 'one-size-fits-all' plans for a variety of reasons.

First of all, every person is very different than the next. A meal plan should be customized based on idividual preferences, circumstances, age, gender, geographic location, cultural customs, goals, etc. A person from india will (want to) eat very different than a person from USA or latin america.

This program can give you the tools to put together a very effective meal plan regardless of your goal.

It is simple really: if you want to shed fat, you'll have to be in caloric deficit. Tailor your meal plan in such a way to keep your daily calories below your maintenance level. Ensure you provide your body with enough nutrients (macros and micronutrients) and follow the recommendations on this application regarding the amount of proteins, carbs and fats.

Tip: choose foods low in calories and big in volume; those are most satiating

If you want to gain weight (muscle), follow the same princiles, except the calories amount. Keep your calories slightly above the maintenance level

Log in (or sign up) and create your own meal plan following easy principles (if you are not sure, just email me and I'll guide you).