About this site

This site/application was initially designed by me (Marian Boricean) to be able to accurately track my fitness journey.
I started with a simpler version on my local laptop and proved itself extremley valuable.
Friends started asking how was I tracking my calories and my macros and when I explained, they've shown a genuinly interest in having access to such tool.
Indeed, the main reason I started 'building my own app' was because there was nothing out there that statisfied me. Many websites such as "www.myfitnesspal.com" are good enough, but I was not very impressed.
Besides, I wanted to have control on what I track, how I do it and to be able to add features I like.
And thus, this "track-my-fitness" was born.

I put it online for people to take advantage of it if they like it. I do not charge anything, is free and I hope will always be.
If you want to help keeping it online and paying for the hosting space, you can make a small donation below. Any ammount is appreciated.

Thank you for using it and if you have any questions/requests/suggestions, please contact me.