Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you create this site, when there are a lot of other good sites out there, such as ""?

First of all, by profession I am an IT manager and I design web applications in my free time. The first version of this site, was created to run on my local web server and I used it for quite some time offline, and I created it just for fun.
In time, I kept adding features that I felt are needed in my daily fitness life. When my friends asked me what I used to track my calories, I told them I have my own app. They manifested interest to use it themselves, therefore I started a new improved version and uploaded it to the internet for them to use.

On your first page, you mention "a better tool" and you recommend some other guy. Don't you want people to use your site?

This application was created to help out some friends; I have no gain in having anyone use it, apart from the satisfaction that I help people.

I recommend Mike's site and application, because when I created this site, I used the knowledge from his books. I thought I owe him at least that much. As far as I know he's not aware of this site, and I keep promoting his books, sites and line of supplements,  unless he'll ask me to stop. cool

The video tutorials don't seem too professional. Is that your own voice?

The tutorials are not meant to be professional grade. I haven't even used a video editor. They are raw output from my screencast software. smiley

I only created them to help my friends get started. Yes, that is my voice.

What workout program do you follow?

Normally I do the "Beyond Bigger, Leaner, Stronger", but when I'm cutting for fatloss, I follow the (less taxing) "Bigger, Leaner, Stronger".

What is the proper warm-up routine you recommend when training a muscle group?

I always recommend following Mike Matthew's advice on warm-up routine. Here it is:

 First Warm-Up Set

12 reps with 50% of your working set weight

Rest 60 seconds

Second Warm-Up Set

10 reps with 50% of your working set weight

Rest 60 seconds

Third Warm-Up Set

4 reps with 70% of your working set weight

Rest 60 seconds

Fourth Warm-Up Set

1 rep with 90% of your working set weight

Rest 120 seconds and then start your workout